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Results, not excuses

If you’re faced with significant litigation you need a great trial lawyer—one with the right skills, temperament and strategy.

Unfortunately, lawyers like this are incredibly hard to find.

First, very few lawyers have enough experience trying major business cases. Of course if you ask them they’ll tell you the opposite.

Beware of hiring a lawyer with inadequate trial experience because their instincts will be dull and they’ll make clumsy mistakes.

Also, beware of lawyers who have lots of trial experience, but are combative or flat out reckless. These folks will alienate witnesses, opposing counsel, and—worst of all—judges and juries.

Finally, beware of lawyers who use the same strategy in every case. Their “evergreen strategies” are predictable and ineffective.

The classic “evergreen strategy” is to engage in excessive discovery. Which means requesting every document, deposing every witness, and filing lots of discovery challenges. Note that the excessive discovery strategy is optimized for lawyers, not for clients (i.e. generate lawyer high bills, as opposed to keeping costs reasonable).

If you’re looking for a great trial lawyer you’ve come to the right place.

Ramón A. Abadín knows how to persuade juries, how to gain respect from judges, and what to do when unforeseen problems suddenly arise in trial.

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Most clients know about excessive discovery of course, but they still have trouble preventing it from happening.

There’s another aspect of excessive discovery that most clients do NOT sense: mediocre lawyers relish excessive discovery because they’re afraid of going to trial.

They cling to the belief that doing lots of discovery will somehow prevent uncomfortable surprises at trial. The sad reality is every trial presents some unforeseen surprises.

Stop and think about it for a second. It’s obvious that confidence doesn’t come from doing lots of discovery; it comes from having handled lots of trials.

To sum up, mediocre lawyers are inexperienced, ineffective and fearful. So they tend to steer their clients towards unfavorable settlements.

At a minimum, you need an experienced trial lawyer—one who’s not afraid to go to trial. An experienced trial lawyer understands the simplest way gain an advantage is to push for trial.

Of course, that simple tactic (alone) won’t work against a top-notch opponent.

That’s why you need a top-notch trial lawyer to represent you as well.

In short, you need a lawyer who’s

  1. experienced,
  2. well-mannered,
  3. confident, with
  4. a solid strategy that’s
  5. well executed.

But, as you know, it’s difficult to find that kind of lawyer.

That’s why so many clients wind up with a lawyer who looks good in a suit, and talks confidently in a conference room, but has no idea what to do in front of a jury.

Paralysis By Analysis

Most lawyers overanalyze problems. Then they come up with lots of options.

They don’t offer solutions. Why? Because it’s safer to just give options.

For the lawyer, that is. Not for the client.

Abadín’s not interested in helping lawyers stay in their “safe zone.” Which got him in hot water awhile back.

He doesn’t mind if lawyers get upset with him.

Especially the ones who are afraid to take bold action.

Abadín is only interested in helping clients solve hard problems.

The brutal truth

Complex legal problems need to be treated as though they can only be resolved in court.

You have to assume you’ll wind up in court. You can’t hedge your bets.

You have to prepare for trial from day one.

Most lawyers have no idea how to prepare for trial.

That’s because most lawyers aren’t comfortable going to trial.

Confidence Comes From Experience

Ramón Abadín is comfortable in trial because he’s done it lots of times.

He’s gotten good at it. And, call him weird but…

he actually enjoys going to trial.

Abadín thrives on the energy. He even relishes the uncertainty.

Most lawyers abhor uncertainty.

Not surprisingly, they’re afraid of trial.

So they focus on settlement.


Broward County Hispanic Bar Association’s Gracias Award (2014)

CABA’s “Passing on the Leadership” Mentorship Award (2009)

The Florida Bar G. Kirk Haas Award (2005)

Haitian Lawyers Association Significant Contribution Award (2006)

Weighing options

Of course, when it makes sense, you take the settlement.

Going to trial costs money and creates disruption. That’s obvious, right?

But, regardless of the likelihood of settlement, you have to prepare for trial. From day one.

That seems obvious as well.

Most lawyers downplay the “let’s go to court” option.

Especially after they’ve frittered away their client’s money on mindless discovery and pointless memos.

Look, let’s just call a spade a spade.

Most lawyers prefer to settle cases, even when it’s not in their client’s interest.

Because they’re afraid. And their fear outweighs their client’s interests.

I’m not like most lawyers.

Which means Abadín is not right for many clients.

There are clients who prefer lots of paralyzing analysis.

They love weighing options with their courtroom-averse lawyers.

The more options to weigh the better.

They seem to appreciate lawyers who love writing memos and avoiding action.

He doesn’t enjoy working with those kind of clients.

His ideal clients want a lawyer who’s fearless. Not in an arrogant, reckless way.

But in a calm, calculating way.

Because that’s how you solve complex legal problems.

Let’s be perfectly clear.

No, Ramón Abadín is not right for everyone.

But, if you’ve read this far…?

Well, then he might be right for you.

Give him a call.

We’ll set up a meeting and find out.

Call Ramón A. Abadín

If you’re looking for a great trial lawyer you’ve come to the right place.

Ramón A. Abadín knows how to persuade juries, how to gain respect from judges, and what to do when unforeseen problems suddenly arise in trial (as they inevitably do).

Yes, the good news is you’ve found a top-notch trial lawyer.

But the bad news is Ramón doesn’t take every case (because he doesn’t have to).

Give him a call and find out if he believes he can help you.

The best news is this: if Ramón does accept your case it’ll be because he’s figured out a solid strategy for winning at trial.